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Angela hunter
Real Name
Current Alias
Heaven, Ally of Spawn

Unusual Features
Like most angels, Angela has pupiless eyes withe black markings around them
Marital Status
Bounty Hunter
Place of Death
First appearance
Appearance of Death

Spawn #9 (March 1993)
Spawn #100 (November 2000)


Angela is an bounty hunter angel who lives on the thrill of the kill. She has killed over 30 hellspawn and relishes the opportunity to hunt them.[1]

For years, Angela has hunted Hellspawn. One of the earliest was when she hunted and murdered Medieval Spawn in Sixteenth Century England. She followed the rules of engagement and lured a newly created and confused Hellspawn to a remote location. She then used her Dimensional Lance to kill him.[2]

Angela 001

Angela with her Dimensional Lance

In 1997, to keep Heaven's agreement that a creature of Heaven should not hunt Hellspawn unless they have a Hellspawn Hunting Permit, Angela visited Terran Affairs Headquarters to show she had a valid permit. Her goal was to hunt the newly resurrected Spawn on Earth. Upon verifying she had a valid permit, Gabrielle allowed Angela to proceed and requested she make the kill quick. However, she was confused by the resourcefulness of the Spawn and fell into his cape. She escaped by teleporting back to Elysium but lost her Dimensional Lance in the process.[2]

One year later, On her 100,000th birthday, Angela treated herself to hunting a Sandalphon Dragon on Sandalphon Five. After a wreckless battle that ignored her previous trainings of how to hunt, she was surrounded by 300,000 agents of Heaven and placed under arrest for treason.[1]

Angela 002

Angela returns after being framed by Gabrielle

Upon being transported back to Elysium, Angela discovered Gabrielle had betrayed her and falsified information about her hunting expedition against Spawn. During her trial, she escaped with the help of Spawn. However, this made her appear even more guilty. While they escaped, they began discussing and eventually formed a physical and emotional relationship with each other.

With the help of several friends in heaven, she secreted recorded a conversation with Gabrielle to free her name. Instead of returning to Elysium, she decided to stay a free agent and continue hunting.[3]

Angela was killed during the battle with Malebolgia in Spawn #100, but in Marvel Comics' Age of Ultron #10, she is revealed to be alive and sucked into the Marvel Universe.

Publication history

Angela is a reoccurring adversary and ally of Spawn, and so is featured often in the series. Her debut was in issue Spawn #9, but she has since appeared in issues #62, #89, and #96 through #100.

In 1994 and 1995, a three-issue Angela limited series was published, written by Gaiman and illustrated by Greg Capullo. The series was later reprinted in a trade paperback (ISBN 1-887279-09-1), which, as of 2005, is out-of-print. There was also an Angela stand-alone comic (1995).

Angela has also been featured in several crossovers. The "Rage of Angels" miniseries saw Angela meeting Glory in Angela and Glory (1996), and was continued in Youngblood #6 (1996) and Team Youngblood #21. There was also a crossover Aria/Angela, featuring Angela in the Aria comic series.

Currently, Angela has been transplanted into the Marvel Comics' mainstream universe, since she is no longer a part of Image Comics (see "Legal rights" below). There, her origin was retconned as an estranged daughter of Odin, who was raised in a realm named "Heven" and later wound up on Earth during the fluctuations in space and time resulting from Wolverine's time-traveling during the Age of Ultron event.

Legal rights

In 1993 McFarlane contracted Neil Gaiman (as well as other recognized authors like Frank Miller and Dave Sim) to write one issue of Spawn. While doing so, Gaiman introduced the characters Angela, Cogliostro, and Medieval Spawn. All three characters continued to be featured prominently in the series after Gaiman's involvement, and had many tie-ins with McFarlane's toy company. Cogliostro had a prominent role in the live-action movie in 1997. McFarlane had initially agreed that Gaiman retained creator rights on the characters, but later claimed that Gaiman's work had been work-for-hire and that McFarlane owned all of Gaiman's creations entirely, pointing to the legal indicial in Spawn #9 and the lack of legal contract stating otherwise. (Some argued that this change of heart was motivated by his desire to gain full ownership to the characters by using Miracleman as a bargaining tool.) McFarlane had also refused to pay Gaiman for the volumes of Gaiman's work he republished and kept in print. In 2002, Gaiman filed suit and won a sizeable judgement against McFarlane and Image Comics for the rights due any creator. All three characters are currently co-owned 50/50 by both men.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit





  • Angel Ribbon: Angela wears a ribbon around her body that radiates heat to keep her warm. It has a sentient aspect to it and can communicate with Angela.[1]
  • Dimensional Lance

Notes Edit

  • In 1995 and 1996, Angela was nominated for, but did not win, a number of Wizard Fan Awards: 1995 Favorite Villainess, 1995 Character Most Deserving of Own Ongoing Title, 1995 Favorite One-shot or Limited Series/Miniseries, and 1996 Favorite Heroine.

Appearances in Other Media Edit

The character had a minor cameo appearance in the 1997 live action film Spawn; a tall, beautiful red-haired woman with the typical Spawn symbol on her earrings appeared in one scene, and it is hinted, although not specifically stated, that this is meant to be Angela. She also appeared in the animated HBO series Todd McFarlane's Spawn.


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