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Real Name
Boomer O'Shea
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Impact (Boomer O'Shea) is a Top Cow superhero and member of Cyberforce.

Huntar and Korvus, two extraterrestrial giant warriors, devastate several planets in their titanic combat. Eager to finish this carnage, Huntar is thrown through a space gate while taking along Korvus with him. Their passage through the gate envelopes and destroys their bodies, and transports their vital energy to the other end of the galaxy. Korvus lands on Earth and chooses Dr. O'Shea, the father of Boomer, so that it can join the physical world. It makes necessary technology known to him to create a serum of growth and thus to manufacture a sufficiently large body so that it can contain its vital energy. Under the influence of Korvus, Dr. O'Shea injects Boomer with the serum that held Korvus's vital energy. But a fire starts in the laboratory and all the house explodes. Korvus gives up the body of Boomer then because he is atrociously mutilated. His whole body is coverd in third degree burns down to the nervous system. Cyberdata then recruits Boomer, fitting him with a high-tech metal alloy on his body, and implanting a brain-box to ensure obedience, and integrates him into its S.H.O.C.s operation. Until one day when Dr. Corben withdraws his brain-box he joins Cyberforce.

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