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Plot Synopsis for "Taster's Choice: Part 4 of 5"

Mike Applebee gets a call from Chuck in the Baltimore Bureau of the FDA, he informs Mike that there's a 5 million dollar bounty on his rookie, Tony Chu, that he's learned about from picking up some illegal chicken smugglers. Applebee fantasizes about Tony Chu being dead but quickly realizes there'd be too much paper work and calls out for Tony with no response.

In Siberia, Tony and Mason pick each other up amidst rubble and chaos from a recent shoot-out.

42 hours previously in Washington, D.C., Tony is shocked to hear from Mason that the senator, David Hamantaschen, has died from an "over-dose" instead of his suspected congenital heart attack which is what was printed in the newspaper. Mason told him that it was necessary to keep the publics' suspicion down. Mason informed Tony that he had a pound and a half of chicken in his stomach which is why they are there.

David Hamantaschen Chew 001

Not the easiest autopsy

When the entered the morgue, they are disgruntled to have found the body already cremated. The lead tech is sassy with them and says their 'investigation techniques' are an abomination. She handed Mason the urn and told him he could do what he wanted with it. Mason opens the urns and spills it before a fan blasting the ashes everywhere to get back at the tech.

Mason and Tony walk out and describe what they had scene from licking the ashes. Tony reported to have scene stars. Mason recalled that he was a chairman of the National Space and Aeronautics Committe. He told Tony to pack his bags as they are heading to Gardner-Kvashennaya. A research outpost focused on the planet Altilis-738, a planet with a potential for life 24 million light years away.

On the plane ride, Tony reviewed the case notes when Mason keeps falling asleep. When Tony pulls out his phone to check his messages, Mason quickly reacts and tells him to shut it off. He doesn't want their boss to know where they're going as he'd shut it down immediately.

In Philadelphia, Chow Chu frantically attempted to reach Tony on the phone as he cowered in the corner of a warehouse. He told Tony to look into "Montero Shipping" as he thinks Tony will find a shady operation occurring. Men with guns were looking for Chow as he stopped talking to keep from alerted them to his whereabouts.

Tony and Mason debark from the plane and get on a helicopter where Mason again fell asleep on Tony.

Tony and Mason arrived at Gardner-Kvashennaya, they entered the room where everyone was passed out, disheveled, or half-sober. Tony inquired from the research scientists who took full swigs from bottle of alcohol about what happened. The scientists told them it toke 3 million to operate the place, but they don't do anything since they were ordered by Hamantaschen to only stare at the one planet. Tony questioned where the other millions of dollars of research went. A bomb suddenly interrupted them and some of the half-naked Siberian woman had pulled out tommy guns to shoot the place including the people in it. They muttered Russian orders and occasional a word such as "Savoy" in their statements.

Natasha Chew 001

Natasha escapes into the night, but who does she work for?

During a standoff, Mason begins speaking Russian about 'the truth' with one of the ladies when one of the scientists hit a button to ignite a bomb to self-destruct the research center. The woman ran out to the cold to escape and Mason tells Tony she wouldn't make it long with that outfit in the cold. Tony thinks he heard the word "Upyr" which is Russian for Vampire. Tony wondered what would happen to the research center now.

On Altilis-738, 24 million light years earlier, an advanced society of people were living when the world blew up.

At Gardner-Kvashennaya, it stoop in the quiet night with no one really watching.


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