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Gallus Sapadillo

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Gallus Sapadillo


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Gallus Sapadillo is a fruit that is also called Gallsaberry and tastes like chicken when cooked.

Two years before the avian flu outbreak, NASA was studying the fruit on the Fisher-Okroshka International Space Station in outer-space.[1]

After the flu outbreak, Gallsaberry was discovered on the island Yamapalu. Nomi Huapai began abducting food critics and chefs to write about the fruit and its virtues of flavor since the FDA had banned the sale and consumption of poultry.

Upon being consumed by Cibopaths, its origin were discovered to be from outer space.[2]

Tony created a recipe involving Gallsaberry. She left it behind after her death to give to Amelia. Amelia prepared the recipe and gave it to Tony for his Cibopathic powers to take him in a hallucination to Altilis-738.[3]


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