Appearing in "Happy!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Jack the Hammer (dies)
  • Mikey Fratelli
  • Gerry Fratelli (dies)
  • Paulie Fratelli (dies)
  • Tony Fratelli (dies)
  • Stefano
  • Mr. Smoothie

Other Characters:

  • Maireadh McCarthy




Plot Synopsis for "Happy!"

Meet Nick Sax - a corrupt, intoxicated ex-cop turned hit-man, adrift in a stinking twilight world of casual murder, soulless sex, eczema and betrayal.

With a hit gone wrong, a bullet in his side, the cops and the mob on his tail, and a monstrous child killer in a Santa suit on the loose, Nick and his world will be changed forever this Christmas.

By a tiny blue horse called Happy...


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