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Outcast Vol 1 1 textless cover

Kyle Barnes finds himself haunted by demons, bent on possessing those closest to him. His touch hurts them, yet he gives them energy to survive. The comic book Outcast is a breath of fresh air from writer Robert Kirkman, best known for The Walking Dead and Invincible. Follow Kyle as he uses his skills along with Reverend Anderson to solve why demons plague his life.

Read more about Outcast and its characters on the Outcast Wiki!

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Mundo Polliza 001

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  • August 25th, 2015 A new direction for Spawn. Read More.
  • July 2nd, 2015 The biggest news from Image Expo: Invincible Reboot and more:
  • June 30th, 2015 The Sons of the Devil first episode has been released for free to watch!
    Sons of the Devil - Episode 111:39

    Sons of the Devil - Episode 1

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