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Real Name
Jen Lyter
Current Alias

Marital Status
First appearance

ShadowHawk #7 (November, 2005)


Rebound is a comic book character created by Scott Wherle and Ted Wing III in Jim Valentino's ShadowHawk #7 (November, 2005)ShadowHawk meets a mysterious red haired girl who has the power to deflect anything thrown at her.

Eary Life

Born in New Port City's suburban east side to a crack head father who died in prison after being gang rape. Her mother started turning tricks to support her. Later her mother meet a man named John who had money and political influence in New Port City and started to support her and mother. The price, her mom willing to turn a blind eye to the statutory rape of the ten year old.old.[1]


ShadowHawk met Rebound who has the power to deflect anything thrown at her.[2] Later on ShadowHawk sees Rebound at school.[3] ShadowHawk will go face-to-face with Rebound who may change his life forever. As ShadowHawk learns more about her, after Eddie Collins learns Rebound's real name, Jen Lyter, the two make love.[4]

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


She can deflect anything thrown at her

Appearances, Images, and Quotes Edit


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