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Joe Chiodo


Real Name
Joe Chiodo

Date of Birth
January 22, 1958

Place of Birth
San Jose, CA, United States of America

First publication


Personal History

Personal History of Joe Chiodo is unknown.

Professional History

Joe Chiodo is a colorist who has worked in the comics industry. He has been recognized for his work with a nomination for the Comics' Buyer's Guide Favorite Colorist Award in 1997 (with the company Wildstorm FX and colleague Jessica Ruffner), and in 1998 under his own name.

Early Life and Career

Born on January 22, 1958, the youngest of four boys and raised in San Jose CA. Joe has always been a pretty quiet individual, finding art to be his passion at an early age. Trying to find an outlet and realizing San Jose would not be the place where this would happen, he traveled to various places like, New York and Los Angeles. Where he worked for a diverse client base, from book covers, toy companies, gaming, and comics, eventually settling in San Diego.

However, Chiodo has been recognized as an award-winning pin-up artist and illustrator. He combines cartoony techniques with those of classic pin-up artists, often working on a range of body types and pulp themes.

Chiodo currently works out of his home which he shares with his wife and two children.


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