Quote1 But in exchange... you'll have to serve your senator. Quote2
-- Senator Greeme

Appearing in "Chapter Three"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Len Pellm (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Leviathan (First Appearance)
  • Mammoth (corpse)


  • Capital of Salus (First Appearance)



Plot Synopsis for "Chapter Three"

Stel Caine storms into the capitol of Salus. She demands to speak with Senator Greeme about the chance to investigate a probe that recently returned to Earth. He is annoyed as he was currently engaged in an orgy along with other members of the homeland defense. He refuses to spare his resources or people on what he considers a suicide mission as no one has ever returned from the surface. When she counters the chance to take her son, who was recently arrested, he agrees as long as she agreed to serve her senator.

Elsewhere, Marik Caine begins standing on a chair and wraps a makeshift noose around his neck. His mother walks in to tell him the good news and he kicks the chair out from under him. Guards rush to his rescue as he blacks out from the suicide attempt.

He next opens his eyes and finds himself in a suit and ship with his mother driving. She tells him about her plan. He tells her it's insane. They suddenly find themselves caught in the skeletal remains of a Mammoth.

Stel tells him she plans to swim to the Poluma. Marik warns her they don't have enough supplies to make it. She insists they'll find a way. Suddenly, a Leviathan swims past them followed a large number of sea creatures. They both latch on to the fast moving animals to hitch a ride to the dome. Stel looks over at Marik and sees him smile for the first time in years.


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