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  • Hey Una! I know you were just on here, so you might not come back for a while, but I would greatly appreciate it if you somehow use ESP and see my message very soon.

    Anyway, I don't know if you're aware, but Wikispaces is closing all of its sites within the next year. This includes the Savage Dragon site, which I believe is the best source of information on Savage Dragon, since our pages on that series and its characters have not been updated for some time. They continue to update their site. I just checked, and they have a page for #231, that came out last Wednesday.

    I joined Wikispaces a few minutes ago under the name "Image_Comics_Database" and sent the three organizers of the site the following message:

    "Dear _,

    Greetings! I am one of the administrators for the Image Comics Database, the "world's largest encyclopedia focused on Image Comics" (as it says on our wiki site).
    You can call me Ben. Our website contains over 7,000 pages of material relating to the now 25 year-old Image Comics company. However, it doesn't have everything.

    Getting to the point, I would like to talk about the future of the Savage Dragon wiki on Wikispaces.

    I saw a note put out by Wikispaces that they would be closing all of their sites, including this one, within the next year, possibly in less than 6 months.
    I consider this news to be unfortunate, to say the least. Although the Image wiki does contain a lot of material about Savage Dragon, I believe this site contains more.
    That's a good thing! This site is constantly being updated with modern material. It's a shame that you'll soon have to close up shop. Which is why I'm here.

    I was wondering if I could receive your permission to obtain the material contained in, well, this entire website.
    The purpose of which would be preserving it and the Savage Dragon information, on the Image Comics Database.

    If this is a problem for you in any way then I understand, and I'd be happy to discuss it with you, the other organizers of this site, and the other Image wiki administrators.
    I simply do not want the hard work put into this site to go to waste. You all have done a tremendous job here.

    Just so you know, I'm only a college student myself, so I'm a bit unaware of any legal issues that may pertain to what I'm proposing, if there are any.
    Also, since this site will still be around for at least a few months, I get if you need time to think or discuss it with the other organizers of this site.
    I am sending this same message to the other 2 organizers of this site, and all of you are obviously welcome to join the Image wiki if you wish, no matter what happens.
    And if you do join, you can in fact continue to update Savage Dragon material, on our wiki.

    Please get back to me as soon as you feel you can. Thank you for your consideration.
    - Ben, administrator of the Image Comics wiki"

    Is that alright? To incorporate their material into our own wiki since they'll be shut down soon? Please get back to me as soon as you can, I hope I didn't overstep by messaging them. But if I took fine action, I'd like your support (as long as you can give it) and advice on what to do next and how to cover it.

    I'd take charge of copying and reformatting all of their material onto our own wiki, which I believe will be my 2nd biggest project (my first will start this weekend, when I plan to start a massive rehaul of every Invincible-related page on the whole wiki).

    Again, please get back to me as soon as you can. Sorry for the long message.

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    • UPDATE! One of the organizers responded with this:

      "Hey Ben,

      Myself as well as Gavin Higginbotham (Savage Dragon editor) and Erik Larsen (Savage Dragon creator) serve as admins of this wiki. We are looking at options to keep it going. Because of it's long history and the hundreds of characters Erik has created, not only do readers find it useful, it also helps Erik and his team (his editor and colorists) keep track of the characters and their designs. We'd be open to merging with you guys but would need more info on how it would be handled. Would we be able to keep all of the information that we have? Is there enough storage space available for all of our images? Would you assist us in getting everything over? Would you be able to make the three of us administrators?


      So here's what I'm about to respond with:

      "Dear Craig,

      Thanks for getting back to me. I completely agree that the content on this site should be preserved and continue to be updated. As a recent reader of Savage Dragon myself, this site has been extremely useful to me personally, and if it's useful to Mr. Larsen and his team then that's reason enough to keep this site active.

      Because the Image wiki does have some Savage Dragon material already, and if we were to merge, things might get the teensiest bit complicated. Our sites differ. I can't completely get rid of the writing on my site, because for instance that in particular was written by the Image wiki's founder, and I might get flak for deleting it. At the same time though, we really want to merge with you guys, so I'll talk with the other administrators and figure out how to keep your content. If we ultimately have to get rid of our own content to do so, then I'll indeed take the flak for that.

      As for your other questions: on a wiki such as ours, storage space is hardly an issue. We'll be able to handle all of the pages and images you can throw at us. And of course, I will assist in getting everything over, and even do most of the work myself if I have to. Finally, there's only one user on the Image wiki who can currently make people administrators, but he'll probably be okay with it.

      If you have any more questions, I'll try to answer as soon as I can! I hope you continue to consider a merger with us. Thanks!
      - Ben"

      Highlight #1: I didn't know that two of the organizers are a Savage Dragon editor and frickin Erik Larsen himself, and I sent both of them my original message, plus a little tidbit to Mr. Larsen to what I thought was just his username. HELP!

      Highlight #2: They're open to merging! Thoughts? With the Invincible wiki, it's my understanding that we deleted most of their info for the most part; it wasn't handled in the best way. I want this to be handled in a great way. We had more Invincible material, this time they have more Savage Dragon material. Anyway, can we do it? I know I'm an admin but I'm still hesitant to go through with this without your approval at least.

      Highlight #3: I'd do most of it myself as I told you, maybe with DeCast or Brian if he comes back, or if Craig wants to help. But could/would you make them admins? I mean, two of them actually worked at Image. Don't know about Craig, but it'd be fine, right? None of them would cause trouble, and probably only edit Savage Dragon things anyway which we need done.

      PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE answer me soon, as I'm about to send the reply to Craig. Also the Invincible rehaul might be delayed if we do this, and if I get more college work. But seriously, please get back to me ASAP! This would be MAJOR for the wiki!

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    • Una~ I think Ben really needs some admin aid here. It's a bit over my head when it comes to my limited knowledge of life, the universe and everything.  :) Hello!!! Help us Obiwan Kenobi, you are the only hope!

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    • Update again:

      "Ok. I am working with the other to way our options. I'll let you know when we have come to a decision. In the meantime please inquire whether we would be able to be made administrators if joining.

      thanks, Craig"

      All they want to know at this point is if they can be administrators. Would that be alright?

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  • I recently found out that the Berzerkers (a team from early Youngblood issues) Battleaxe and Grey were later known as Hatchet and Greylore. I created the Battleaxe article a bit before finding out, but in Grey's case - When a character has changed aliases but has no known real name, should the article be titled as the earliest or the latest alias?

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  • I like Ben 1,000,911, we get along great.  Can he please be a moderator?  He wants it, but will not ask for it directly.   I will be happy to mail you sugar cubes to put on top if needed.

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    • Oh man, I missed this. Sorry. I presume you meant admin, I've made him admin. Sorry for missing out on hints that he wanted it. That's what happens when you're ignorant and distracted. I shall await my sugar cubes for my ice cold iced tea.

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    • I did mean admin, sorry.  To me its just some work to be done to make the place better for everyone to enjoy.

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  • Hey so my one-year mark is tomorrow, and I was wondering if I could get that cool color change to my name now. DeCastilane got one and it looks pretty cool. I don't know if it's for a leadership thing or what, but I'd just like to know

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  • I've made a new message because I believe this is on a different topic, one that can be implied generally and that I should know, so please get back to me on this one.

    How do I make a new page if a character's name changes? Do I just make an original new page, or put in the old data on a new page? Also, how can I get rid of the old page, and get the searches for it to pop up for the new page? Basically, how do I make a redirect?

    In Saga #39 (the series continues to be awesome btw), it turns out that the Freelancer Agent's name is Erving. I believe this merits his page title to be changed to Erving (Saga). How can I do this?

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    • Okay please get back to me on this at some point, I'll just fill in the issue for now still calling the character "Freelancer Agent (Saga".

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    • Oh snap! Sure, so the best thing to do is to move it. There's a Move page that User:DeCastilane has not been trained how to use :)

      So to answer directly, I think you need admin powers to "rename" a page, and it should be done with a redirect. An admin (preferably) should run AWB to change all redirects to the new page.

      For right now, ABSOLUTELY just update the current page. I can move it :)

      You know someone else revealed that his name was Erving before that issue. I didn't believe them. I wonder if it was revealed in the end section of the comic. I guess now it's officially confirmed and I look like a fool :)

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    • Now I'm wondering how that person got the info, because I sure as heck didn't see it... oh and dw I think the page is updated

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  • I have a question, I have forgotten how to delete pictures.

    I uploaded the wrong picture and want to remove it.  I uploaded the correct one to replace it with, but completely forgotten how to get rid of my mistake.  

    I didn't do this here, but on another wiki.  I'm just trying to cover my backside before someone finds out.

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  • Yeah. I just didn't know that Saga already released two more issues since #36. Can we make pages for those? I'll fill them and everything.

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  • Sorry about the picture man.  I know I put in all the info on it, but it sure was blank.  I'll fix it tomorrow, I'm off to bed now.

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  • Hey man, it's been a while! We should catch up on chat sometime.

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  • I was wondering where the average weights and average female height came from as I read the Invincible guidebook and found the the average height to be 6'0 and nothing on weight. I was also wondering where Anissa's height and weight came from as she did not have a section in the Invincible handbook.

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    • This site is absolutely no speculation. However, we also don't know if it's right or wrong. We can put what's in guidebook and cite that. Or we mark it with citation needed like so...

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    • Well, the thing is that characters such as Anissa, conquest etc are not in the Guidebook. My main issue with the book is species have only one average height and weight and not one based upon gender.

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