Appearing in the 1st Story

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Supporting Characters:

  • Timmy


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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

One of the children, Timmy, escapes and runs into the man in the minotaur mask with knives. He runs away and back into the clutches of Crowe.

An emergency town hall is called and Sharon Crane runs in to help. Reverend Fairgold yells at them but offers a place he knew Crowe liked to pray.

When they arrive at the lake, Crowe drives the bus into the lake to cleanse the children. Nicholas Finch and Crane jump in and unbuckle the children saving them.

Across the lake, Crowe looks estranged and screams he was only trying to save them. A small girl pulls out a butterfly razor and slices Crowe's throat open murdering him.

Crane and the crowd disperse to get the children home. They comment that the legal system won't do anything to or for the girl. They'll claim it was self-defense.

Finch asks Crane if the lake was man-made because he saw some strange statues under the water.

Later, Finch breaks into Edward "Nailbiter" Warren's home. He ties him up and pulls out his torture tools and says he's now going to get information out of him.


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