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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Edward "Nailbiter" Warren sits in an interrogation room telling Eliot Carroll about his obsession. He explains everyone has a natural instinct to taste their own blood, a papercut and you stick it in your mouth. He explains his blood tastes horrible while most people reported that it tastes sweet. He started tasting other's blood out of curiosity.

Nicholas Finch and Sharon Crane listen to a doctor tell them that Carroll is in a state of recovery and they'll have to wait and see. Crane lies to the doctor and doesn't tell him about the hidden jail they found. She tells Finch she didn't want to arouse suspicion.

When Finch and Crane head back to the precinct, they find Alice talking with Nailbiter. Crane throws Alice and Nailbiter out. Nailbiter tells them he's going to go see Raleigh Woods.

Finch and Crane head to Robby's house to see if they can dig up any evidence. They find a box filled with murder tools and Book Burner's mask. They can only think of Raleigh being able to give them the mask

At the Murder Store, Raleigh tells a man that he was only in this for increasing awareness of the town. He wasn't in it for the murders. Outside, Finch and Crane pull up and see smoke inside the store. As they burst in, they see a man in a Minotaur outfit and the beheaded Raleigh. The man pushes a bookshelf on them, trapping them underneath. He's about to attack them with his knives when Nailbiter jumps on his back from behind as they struggle with each other. Outside, Nailbiter tells him, "we meet again." The man points at the trapped Finch and Crane and Nailbiter runs off to free them. The man gets away. Nailbiter tells them he was an un-named partner in the the Murder Store and was only coming to collect his money.

Later, Finch and Crane review Carroll's case files as they wait with him at the hospital. As Crane steps outside, she is stopped by Agent Abigail Barker from the FBI. She informs her that she's taking over the case and investigation. Barker is shocked when she sees Finch and informs Crane that he's currently on trial for murder.

At her house with her abusive parents, Alice looks at a map and wonders where she would strike next if she were a serial killer.


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