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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

A man sings as he pulls off the wings and stingers of bees.

Nicholas Finch approaches the house and finds a disgruntled bee farmer with a shotgun. Finch tells him he's only there because his friend Eliot Carroll was investigating the Buckaroo Butchers and wrote down the word bees on one of his papers.

At the shooting range, Sharon Crane is approached by Abigail Barker who insults her and feels that she is hiding something.

New reporters swarm Edward "Nailbiter" Warren's house. Nailbiter invites one in, and when the reporter sees his blood paintings, he runs out screaming.

Reverend Fairgold preaches about the horrors of the town and how his poor sweet boy was violated.

At the bee farm, Finch picks up on some strange sayings from the man. When he hears a sound in the basement, they pull guns on each other. Finch wings the man in the leg, and heads to the basement to investigate. He finds a man performing research on bees and is attacked by a swarm of them.


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