Real Name
Luke Hatfield Sr
Current Alias
Silver Age ShadowHawk

First appearance

Shadowhawk Special December 1994


The Silver Age ShadowHawk is a parody of the Dick Sprang-era Batman comics. He works out of the Shadowcave (based on the Batcave) which is in the basement of his house, has a Shadowcar (based on the Batcave) and a Shadowdog (based on Ace the Bat-Hound). His wife and son are his crimefighting partners, Lady ShadowHawkette and Squirrel (based on Batwoman and Robin). Squirrel went on to become Hawk's Shadow (see above).

The Shadowhawk Special featured two Silver Age ShadowHawk stories. In The Hyena's Revenge ShadowHawk and Squirrel hunt the Hyena, a villain based on the Joker. The second was The Phantom Gorillas from Dimension-Z!. The Silver Age ShadowHawk also appeared with the Silver Age Knight Watchman in Big Bang Comics #2.

The story Rising in issue 11 of Jim Valentino's ShadowHawk discribed Hatfield Sr and his family's final fight against the Hyena and the death of Lady ShadowHawkette.

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


No powers, but an excellent hand-to-hand fighter, with access to high-tech equipment.

Appearances, Images, and Quotes Edit


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