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Plot Synopsis for "Change or Die: 1 of 3"

Stormwatch Prime is prepared by Henry Bendix, the Weatherman, to handle a powerful threat called The High. While the preparation occurs, Jenny Sparks is attacked by one of The High's teammates from the Changers, Blind. Blind is able to inject Jenny Sparks with several needles to incapacitate her, but she is able to release them and free herself. Meanwhile, Malcolm King, the former Stormwatch member known as Strafe that has gone mad, is granted an audience with the members of the Changers and is willing to give them all the information he knows about Stormwatch, the only group that could prove to be an obstacle to the Changers. They force Malcolm King to go through a rigorous interrogation with Blind while the rest of the Changers continue their plan about changing the world their own way. Meanwhile, Henry Bendix and Rose Tattoo, a former Changer, realize they have to kill the Changers to stop their plans.


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