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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Alan Keever takes several emergency calls as the Youngblood squad is trapped in Orbital Angel Station. Maximage teleports in and warns Keever that the world is in danger if Celestine retrieves the Elemental Fire. Maximage teleports the Team Youngblood members with her to help Youngblood team.

Lord Dredd and Keever briefly discuss the idea of adding Maximage to the team.

Meanwhile, Angela and Glory are engulfed in a war from troops created by Celestine.[1] they agree they need to cut off Celestine's power source, the Elemental Fire.

On the Orbital Angel Station, Team Youngblood arrives to help Youngblood. Maximage discovers the Elemental Fire is being piped into the station from Heaven. She severs the link and all of the Angel servants turn into mortals.

Upon returning to Earth, Youngblood is ordered to leave the angels alone and let the others handle the situation. Maximage heads of to investigate but suddenly falls to the Earth as her powers fail.


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  1. Glory #10



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