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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

At the War Department in 1942, General Leslie Groves lights a cigar and strikes up conversation with Robert Oppenheimer. He tells him the meeting is a formality, but if he wants a job working on top secret government secrets, he just has to say he wants it. Groves asks if there's any conflict of interest with his brother who is an outspoken Communist. Oppenheimer claims he's not his brother, and they shake hands as he's officially accepted to the Manhattan Project.

Oppenheimer recalls back to his and his twin brother Joseph Oppenheimer's birth. Robert was born April 22nd, 1904, and his brother was born moments later on April 23rd, 1904 with an ominous feeling.

As they enter the underground Base Zero in the War Department, Groves gives him a tour and assures him the security precautions, while extreme, are necessary to protect their secrets. He tells him the Manhattan Project is a cover for much more interesting and deeper secrets.

He sees Dr. Seaborg and Mr. McMillan working on pan-dimensional material, recovered artifacts from a lost space, and many machines interconnected to create artificial intelligence. Groves tells Oppenheimer as soon as he completes building the atomic bomb for the president, he can work on and invent whatever his heart desires with unlimited resources.

Oppenheimer spots a man locked in solitary confinement. Groves tells him he's locked up until he's ready to release him.

A sudden alarm interrupts them that blares incredibly loud.

Oppenheimer recalls growing up with his twin brother in New York. Though both of the Oppenheimer twins were gifted, Robert was gravitated towards the earth sciences while Joseph moved towards life and death. Robert became a renowned scientists, and taught one of the most successful classes. Joseph became a genocidal maniac and was eventually caught by the police after 15 murders. He was committed to a mental hospital.

At Base Zero, an gigantic Red Torii rips through the base landing in their room. Groves suspects it is powered by Death Buddhists in Japan and orders for telepaths to get down there immediately to subdue the Buddhists. Kamikaze Killing Machines pour out of the red gate as Oppenheimer follows Groves lead up to two automatic machine guns at the top of the stairs. Oppenheimer grabs one of the machine guns and calmly blows away many of the machines. When one of the machines grabs his leg, he lets go rage and stomps the machine's head in.

Oppenheimer recalls back to Joseph's success in science. He recalls the release of Joseph Oppenheimer from holdings where Joseph Oppenheimer returned to his brother Robert. He murdered Robert and ate his body whole with the intention of absorbing his soul. Joseph then took the identity of Robert and recalled earlier in the day accepting the job of the Manhattan Project from the General, pretending to be his brother.

Snapping back into the present, Groves congratulates Joseph unaware that it is not Robert.


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