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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

At Los Alamos, William Westmoreland lock and loads his mini machine gun as he heads straight for the monster on the loose. He shows little regards for friendly fire and he casually warns them to duck but blows them away if they get in the way. The monster pleads for forgiveness in informal tone of voice. Westmoreland tells him he's seen men say anything when they're in a position where they're about to die. He kills the monster.

Joseph Oppenheimer walks up to the cage telling them he needs a volunteer. He informs them that man will survive, while he kills the rest of them. They all take turns telling him to go to hell and that they won't help him. Until they get to Albrecht Einstein who's quick to trade sides.

Westmoreland walks in and finds Leslie Groves still doped up on truth serum.[1] He asks him for the truth for how he feels about the research they are performing. When they both align that they'd be willing to go on the offense and kill the aliens before the aliens kill us, they form an alliance and Westmoreland welcomes him back to the ranks.

Einstein hooks Oppenheimer up to a machine. Oppenheimer expects it to connect him to Project Charon but it fries his brain instead. He has a moment of clarity before freaking out and being shot in the head by a mysterious man.


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  1. The Manhattan Projects #17

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