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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Albert Einstein recalls being banished to Albrecht Einstein's dimension. Even here, Joseph Oppenheimer posed as an evil dictator who commanded Einstein to perform various magical tasks. He recalls how this dimension calls science magic.

He explains his barbaric escape of murdering several people with concoctions that melted their skin or stabbing them with a knife to get to the Gateway in order to escape. He talks about how he believes Oppenheimer is always evil and plans on killing him.

Later, at a cookout Yuri Gagarin complains about missing Laika. Wernher von Braun callously exclaims he just cares about getting the black box on the ship and couldn't care less about the dog. Richard Feynman asks the Einsteins what their plan is now.

Later, Albrecht dies his hair black. They discuss how the projects had a linear and obvious progression. They decide to head out to the frontier, as they stare at an unseen object.


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