Quote1 Then we're gonna need a naughty librarian. Quote2
-- P.I.

Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Secretary (First Appearance)
  • Frenchmen

Other Characters:




Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

On Rodeo Drive, PI and Raveena McGill check out a high-end Nym shop. PI tells her they only take cash so it would be a good place to start looking for the Frenchman's gas masks. PI inquires with the sales associate if she will give him the identity of the person who bought their last masks. The lady working instantly detects he's illegal paparazzi and tells him to buzz off.

Raveena walks down with new duds. They pay cash for her outfit and head out.

At De Guerre's facility, DeGuerre has Nebular fix his missile. Nebular tells him he can get it to fly but the technology is very dated. Soon the Frenchmen return with food. DeGuerre takes off to run more errands.

Elsewhere, the two try to think up new leads. Raveena tells PI the only place her sister hung out was The Library. She's concerned the records are so private they'll never know what she was looking at. PI tells her they'll need to find a naughty librarian.

They head to C.G.'S home who is having dinner with his family. PI tells him they need his help since he works at the library. He then blackmails C.G. and offers to give him his ex girlfriend's info if he helps. C.G. agrees to sneak him into the Library after hours to research Taj's search history.

Later at the Los Angeles Public Library, they begin hacking into the search history database when a fellow Librarian, Ashleigh, calls C.G.'s office. She is looking for her glasses and tells him she's coming up to look. PI tells him to stall her as Raveena continues her download. PI calls Melanie to help them escape. While initially uninterested while she eats at McDonald's, when he tells her it's a getaway, she leaps into her car excited for action.

Ashleigh bursts into the room. Raveena throws a blunt information tube at her while PI punches C.G. into her. They escape to Mel's car, who is wearing a McDonald's mask. Raveena reviews the search history and notices she started studying political science instead of communications. She started after looking into Khalid DeGuerre's auto biography. When the Press attempt to pull them over for speeding, Meek guns it and they end up in a wreck.

Meanwhile at TeeVee Headquarters, DeGuerre is welcomed by his secretary. He tells her a blowjob would be nice.


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