Appearing in the 1st Story

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Supporting Characters:


  • Mr. Bryant (Only appearance; dies)
  • Secretary
  • Frenchmen

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

P.I. and Raveen McGill sit in a med chopper as medics rush to the car accident. PI worries about whether Melanie died in the crash. A press member asks for their identification. Raveena talks the man down and he tells them they are free to go.

DeGuerre sits in his office when his secretary ushers in Mr. Bryant from engineering. He tells him he believes someone might be shooting into private customer information. A rogue engineer must be looking into people's lives with TeeVee technology. DeGuerre asks if he's told anyone else and he tells them he hasn't. DeGuerre smashes his face into the desk and finishes him off with a desk lamp. He calls Johann to dispose of the body.

At Gramps' house, PI and Raveena discuss Taj McGill's research. They decide since all roads lead to Khalid DeGuerre as research, they discuss how to track him down. They head out to meet Star Maps, a P.I. specializing in celebrity private investigation. He tells them he knows where DeGuerre lives but will need PI's Dreamcoat in exchange. When they refuse, he says he'll do it if PI kisses him 'like he used to'. PI quickly lays a kiss on Start Maps which shocks Raveena, not knowing he was gay. Maps tells them they need to head to the Tubes which is where he spends his nights.

The Private Eye Vol 1 5 001

Elsewhere, Nebular continues to work on the missile. Frederick reads the newspaper and recognizes PI from a story about their crash. He calls DeGuerre to tell him about the lead.

Later at the Tubes, PI and Raveena snoop around for DeGuerre. When Raveena is mistaken for Taj, the man realizes his mistake and takes off. They catch up with him and remove his Flatex skin. He tells them he would meet with Taj and discuss beginning back the internet.


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