• Todd McFarlane recently announced big changes in the world for Spawn. His identity will apparently become public after a four-part battle with Satan!

    1. I always though the Marvel Comics Civil War was a great idea. It came out right at the 9/11 period that was a time where many questioned what information truly needed to become public. It will be great to see how Spawn can struggle with settling back into a world where he's been gone and doesn't just skulk in the shadows like the initial issues.
    2. We get to meet Satan after 255 issues? How long has this been and how many times have we thought we were meeting the one and powerful only to have the title kicked further up the food chain. No disrespect Man of Miracles.

    I think the new villains will be a great thing for Spawn as well! I love motivation stories, but I don't think the HMS titanic and a list hardly relatable character are going to cut it for a reboot.

    Quote1 I have returned to writing the Spawn series with Jonboy Meyers continuing on the art chores (with me handling some of the covers and doing inking from time to time). We are heading to an EPIC showdown between Al Simmons and Satan (who we have never met in this series in over 255 issues!). The four part battle with be for the final resting spot of the recently deceased Wanda Blake (the former wife of Al Simmons).

    After that Jonboy and I are planning on creating a handful of new villains for the book and showing the world what it would look like if everyone knew that SPAWN existed, instead of just hiding in the shadows. That turn will lead to a new direction for Simmons as he moves forward Trying to carry out Wanda’s dying wishes…which we will see soon! Quote2

    What are your thoughts? What are you excited for?

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