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Plot Synopsis for "Rocks and Hard Places Part 1"

In Washington, D.C., Violator attacks a Mafia transport as he continues taking out hitmen and blaming Spawn.[1] Badrock appears and knocks him out.

Dr Sally McAllister transfers Violator to the Whiteside Parson Institute facility where she wants to run tests to open gateways to Hell. She saw Violator open one with his powers at a mall earlier and want to replicate the scenario for scientific data. They place the Violator in chains and an electrified prison cell.[2]

Suddenly, Celestine the vengeful angel appears from the Heavens and attacks the facility. McAllister orders Badrock to stay with Violator and run security. As she leaves, the Violator warns Badrock that Celestine is one of the baddest angels around and they better run.



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  2. Violator #3



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